Where is Only Murders Filmed? This Real-Life Manhattan Condo

Since Only Murders made its debut, fans have visited the building, posting photos of the iconic facade & courtyard.

Sarah Paynter, The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 9, 2022

When actor Steve Martin arrived on the set of Hulu’s “Only Murders in the Building” at 9 a.m. on a cold December day, a group of fans and bystanders were already clustered across the street.

And it wasn’t just him they were there to see. 

Scenes at the show’s fictional “Arconia” building—where the three main characters live and sleuth—are shot at the real-life Belnord, a condominium on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Wrapped around a roughly 22,000-square-foot courtyard, the Italian Renaissance building takes up on an entire block. Since “Only Murders in the Building” made its debut in August 2021, fans have started visiting the building, posting photos of the now-iconic facade and courtyard on Instagram and Twitter with hashtags referencing the show.  

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“I’ve been watching ‘Only Murders in the Building’ and it has me falling in love. I can’t stop thinking about the courtyard views.”

Anne Douglas, new Belnord condo owner

Turns out there weren’t ONLY Murders in the Building! 

Turns out there weren’t ONLY Murders in the Building! 

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