The Luxury-Decontrol Wars

New York Times, Nov 1996

Originally published in The New York Times:

JUST beyond the season of glad tidings, virtually with the drop of the New Year’s ball, unwelcome letters from landlords will start popping up in mailboxes at fashionable, rent-regulated buildings, heralding what one landlord lawyer has dubbed ”the hunting season.”

So begins the annual four-month period during which those tenants must prove that their income did not surpass $250,000 in each of the previous two years and that, therefore, their apartments should not be subject to ”luxury decontrol” and their rents doubled, tripled or more.

Evoking sympathy for people who earn a quarter million dollars a year while occupying apartments that rent for at least $2,000 in upscale neighborhoods is, at best, a Sisyphean task — with tenant advocates facing the uphill struggle and landlord representatives more than willing to nudge the boulder back.

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”The next thing I know I have a notice saying I’m destabilized.” 

Judge Stanley Danzig, Belnord resident

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